Nerding Out with Lady Epi

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We double down on our nerd talk with our first, very special guest Epi! We double down on our nerd talk with our first, very special guest Epi! As fate would have it, our paths merged when we all worked in the same building bringing forth a geek-filled friendship.
Part of the reason we choose some travel destinations is because some of our favorite fandoms were filmed there or inspired by the landscapes. In this episode we have the delight of going down the nerd rabbit hole and talk to Epi about some of our favorite locations.
Lord of the Rings – Middle-earth itself, the whole of New Zealand was the perfect backdrop for the Lord of the Rings franchise and where the Wanderers explored Hobbiton
Star Wars – The lush Guatemala forest full of Mayan temples is the setting for Yavin 4 – the rebel base from Episode IV and where (Adry’s fave) Poe Dameron is from.

Harry Potter –  Both Gryffindor gals frolicked through Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida last December and Epi visited Edinburgh cemetery, Greyfriars, where J. K. Rowling found inspiration for some of the names characters in the series. *- correction to the episode, it was Tom Riddles name not Harry’s name that was found in the cemetery* – WB Studio Tour and Kings Cross Station in London and Hagrids’ hut location.

The Walking Dead reference mentioned in minute 23:05 regarding becoming invisible to zombies.

GHOSTS! Of course we like ghosts too, where we cowardly “ghost hunted” World’s End Pub Edinburgh, Olympia Theater, Versace Mansion, and Paris Opera House.

Game of Thrones – The black sand beaches of Vik, Iceland is the setting for Dragonstone and Kirkjufell lends its pointy splendor as Arrowhead Mountain mentioned in Season 7.
Shout out! To our joint favorite podcast “My Dad Wrote a Porno”. A true gem. Please listen and let us know if you are now a Belinker

Wanderer Wisdom: Feel free to follow your fandom but also notice the beauty of the place you are in outside of the fan realm.

The lovely  Lady Epi has a kickass channel on YouTube where she post impressive makeup tutorials and Vlogs her fun nerd travel  – Check her out!


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