Like a Freaking Bird – How to Maneuver Air Travel Like a Pro

E11 – click here for episode player

Today, we are talking about air travel. Airports bring out the worst in people and we are here to help you not be a dick in 3 easy tips:

1. Be organized – bring your passport! You planned this whole trip don’t let a simple organization hiccup trip you up.
2. Have your essentials accessible – make yourself comfortable and have the items you need near you. No sense in having multiple bags with an important item in each bag making you go up and down, back and forth to get each one. Bundle them all together and keep them with you.
3. Wait for the doors to open – Don’t be that guy. The doors aren’t open yet. Where are you going to go? Just file out calmly with all our belongs AFTER the doors open.

Wanderer Wisdom: Packing cubes! What life savers! These are the exact packs we used on our trip and I cannot recommend them enough. They are by Eagle Creek and we have used and abused these guys and they are still kicking.
They make packing some much easier condensing clothes while organizing everything. Win-Win.


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