Aliens and Motorbikes – Do’s and Don’ts of Biking through Asia

E13 – click here for episode player

Renting a motorbike in southeast Asia is way too easy which can lead great moments or great emergencies. To avoid the latter, we share our mishaps and learnings so you don’t have to go through the same struggle.

Da Lat, Vietnam Pre bike crash feeling confident in our skills
Mue Ni sand dunes where we were headed to before we had the shakedown and bribes in Vietnam
Borobudur, Indonesia staying in a artist retreat and fighting with a motorbike to leave the compound

Having a motorbike allows you to:

1. Have absolute freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want.
2. See the country in a more intimate level since you will most likely have to interact with locals.
3. Do things at your own pace and independent of a tour bus.

But, with great power comes great responsibility:

Wanderer Wisdom: ALWAYS wear a helmet, Get travel insurance! – we used World Nomads and had a generally good experience with them & Map it out and have a sense of where you are going before you hop on the bike.

Have you had a motorbike accident? Let us know below:

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