Pero, Let Us Wander

E16 – click here for episode player 

A crossover episode were we have the pleasure of hosting the Pero, Let Me Tell You Podcast! Since the Pero guys are Cuban boys from Miami, we sat down with them and discussed all things Cuban.
And let’s face it, Cubans are everywhere! Like, that time we ran into a man from Adry’s hometown while in Philippines or when Ish and DJ happened to go to a Cuban owned restaurant in Milwaukee.

We also mention the last Cuban-Chinese restaurant in New York (yes, that’s a thing – here is a video about that slice of sub-culture), we get our Cuban sandwich PhD with DJ, and air out our gripes with travelers who want to go to Cuba “before it’s ruined”.

Wanderer Wisdom: Don’t do it for the gram. Be mindful of where you travel and your affect on the place. Try to talk to a local and get a better sense of people’s lives while you are traveling.

Find the Pero guys on Apple Podcast, SoundCloud, and Instagram!

Have you been to Cuba? Let us know below:

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