A Wanderer Awakens

E17 – click here for episode player

Oh, the lengths we go to for our fandoms!
In honor of May the 4th, we share our story of how we managed our way through torrential down pours, bad traffic, and heated arguments to see Force Awakens in Bali.

Getting a glimpse of another planet is what we love about Star Wars and traveling give us real-time opportunity to experience that in a small scale. Star Wars in particular stoked that wanderlust for Geo and helped in on his way to becoming a wanderer.

Wanderer Wisdom: Research ahead of time where your favorites are films so you can make a trip of it when you are on the road.

Help us settle the debate:
Does our dog look like a Wampa or an Ewok?



Shout out to Japan! Thanks for being Fans!! It’s wild to us that anyone listens to us and to have Japan as the #2 country with the most active listeners is super cool! Thank you!!


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