Land of Smiles – Thailand

E18 – click here for podcast player

The Land of Smiles! What makes Thailand so great? We talk about it on today’s episode. People have asked us where they should go for 2 weeks in Asia and we always recommend Thailand.

  • As novice travelers, we enjoyed how easy it was to maneuver through Thailand making it a great place to get accustomed to Asia.
  • We never had a bad meal. All the food so flavourful and fresh!
  • It’s very affordable – at the time we went it was $1 = 35 Baht which gets you very far.

Thailand has its ups and downs like any other place but there is a lot to offer and worth a visit.

Wanderer Wisdom: Learn some basic customs and it will take you a long way

Places we mentioned:

Spicy Villa Eco Lodge – So lovely and humble. This place stole our hearts and we cannot recommend it enough.

Riverside Bar in Chiang Mai – The bar where Adry felt like herself again after traveling for 2 weeks in Thailand.

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