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Ah Snap! We have the pleasure of sitting with the founder of Wandersnap, Jen Loong! She created a community for up-and-coming photographers to get matched with travelers and families looking to capture their moments:

WanderSnap connects families and businesses with local photographers to capture everyday photos. We support global brands through the WanderSnap talent marketplace, instant image editing and delivery, as well as digital rights management.

We are so much more than connecting you with a local photographer, contact us to learn more about our custom solutions for your growing business.

$5 of every booking goes towards teaching photography to low-opportunity youth, so they too can create art for a living

Check out the site and book a local photographer on your next trip: https://wandersnap.co/

Fun Fact about this picture: We wanted a “casual” photo of us so we set up a tripod on top of a trashcan and kept running back and forth to the spot. The truck was too cute! It was also 90 degrees and humid AF so that was something. If we had Wandersnap we could have kept our breath.

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