Long Weekend Getaways

E20 – click here for podcast player “Oh you Wanderers are always traveling! How do you manage to have that many days off of work?” By doing short trips during long holiday weekends, that’s how! This episode we share our travel tips so you can get maximum vacation time with minimum days off your PTO.* Wander Wisdom: You don’t have to go very far to still … Continue reading Long Weekend Getaways

Playing Maps and Alternate Travel Destinations

E15 – click here for episode player  We lift the veil on our trip planning methods which really mean, we show you how we really don’t plan all that much. The fun is in the adventure and when we choose places to travel to we try to go to locations we don’t know too much about. We mention we want to go to: Dominica Mongolia Kyrgyzstan … Continue reading Playing Maps and Alternate Travel Destinations