Being Back and Reverse Culture Shock

E22: Click here for episode player You hear all about the wonders of travel but, what happens when you come back? Spoiler: it’s not all roses. The reverse culture shock is real. We share our experiences of how it felt coming back home after a year away. Wander Wisdom: Trust the process – There will be many lows to your journey but you have to keep … Continue reading Being Back and Reverse Culture Shock


Click here for episode player    Ah Snap! We have the pleasure of sitting with the founder of Wandersnap, Jen Loong! She created a community for up-and-coming photographers to get matched with travelers and families looking to capture their moments: WanderSnap connects families and businesses with local photographers to capture everyday photos. We support global brands through the WanderSnap talent marketplace, instant image editing and delivery, … Continue reading Wandersnap

Long Weekend Getaways

E20 – click here for podcast player “Oh you Wanderers are always traveling! How do you manage to have that many days off of work?” By doing short trips during long holiday weekends, that’s how! This episode we share our travel tips so you can get maximum vacation time with minimum days off your PTO.* Wander Wisdom: You don’t have to go very far to still … Continue reading Long Weekend Getaways

How Bizarre

E19 – click here for podcast player A bizarre yet cohesive mash-up of Community, strange foods, and missed opportunities. A couple of fun shout outs – to the cast of Community who continue to delight us and especially Yvette Nicole Brown who is the loveliest nerd of all! Bizarre Foods who helped us push our culinary borders. and not you Halo Halo, we still don’t get you and your Boston Market ice … Continue reading How Bizarre

Land of Smiles – Thailand

E18 – click here for podcast player The Land of Smiles! What makes Thailand so great? We talk about it on today’s episode. People have asked us where they should go for 2 weeks in Asia and we always recommend Thailand. As novice travelers, we enjoyed how easy it was to maneuver through Thailand making it a great place to get accustomed to Asia. We … Continue reading Land of Smiles – Thailand

Playing Maps and Alternate Travel Destinations

E15 – click here for episode player  We lift the veil on our trip planning methods which really mean, we show you how we really don’t plan all that much. The fun is in the adventure and when we choose places to travel to we try to go to locations we don’t know too much about. We mention we want to go to: Dominica Mongolia Kyrgyzstan … Continue reading Playing Maps and Alternate Travel Destinations

Geo is a Savage. And other Answers!

E14 – click here for episode player An off-the-cuff segment where Geo asks random questions to Adry. This time around we discuss strange sleeping arrangements, Geo being a savage when it comes to food, Adry shares a lot of bathroom habits, and more normal topics like best beaches. For reference, this is what a Balut is – I know. Best beach locations for each of … Continue reading Geo is a Savage. And other Answers!

Aliens and Motorbikes – Do’s and Don’ts of Biking through Asia

E13 – click here for episode player Renting a motorbike in southeast Asia is way too easy which can lead great moments or great emergencies. To avoid the latter, we share our mishaps and learnings so you don’t have to go through the same struggle. – Da Lat, Vietnam Pre bike crash feeling confident in our skills – Mue Ni sand dunes where we were … Continue reading Aliens and Motorbikes – Do’s and Don’ts of Biking through Asia