Click here for episode player    Ah Snap! We have the pleasure of sitting with the founder of Wandersnap, Jen Loong! She created a community for up-and-coming photographers to get matched with travelers and families looking to capture their moments: WanderSnap connects families and businesses with local photographers to capture everyday photos. We support global brands through the WanderSnap talent marketplace, instant image editing and delivery, … Continue reading Wandersnap

Land of Smiles – Thailand

E18 – click here for podcast player The Land of Smiles! What makes Thailand so great? We talk about it on today’s episode. People have asked us where they should go for 2 weeks in Asia and we always recommend Thailand. As novice travelers, we enjoyed how easy it was to maneuver through Thailand making it a great place to get accustomed to Asia. We … Continue reading Land of Smiles – Thailand

Aliens and Motorbikes – Do’s and Don’ts of Biking through Asia

E13 – click here for episode player Renting a motorbike in southeast Asia is way too easy which can lead great moments or great emergencies. To avoid the latter, we share our mishaps and learnings so you don’t have to go through the same struggle. – Da Lat, Vietnam Pre bike crash feeling confident in our skills – Mue Ni sand dunes where we were … Continue reading Aliens and Motorbikes – Do’s and Don’ts of Biking through Asia

Send Noodz

E7 – click here for episode player Caution: Don’t listen to this episode on an empty stomach! An informative episode where the Wanderers talk about their favorite noodles dishes across Asia. Since they aren’t good at English, let alone another language, here are the links to the places and dishes mentioned on the episode: 1. Tsukemen Ramen at Rokurinsha in Tokyo 2. Taiwanese Beef Noodles at Fuhong … Continue reading Send Noodz