How Bizarre

E19 – click here for podcast player A bizarre yet cohesive mash-up of Community, strange foods, and missed opportunities. A couple of fun shout outs – to the cast of Community who continue to delight us and especially Yvette Nicole Brown who is the loveliest nerd of all! Bizarre Foods who helped us push our culinary borders. and not you Halo Halo, we still don’t get you and your Boston Market ice … Continue reading How Bizarre

Geo is a Savage. And other Answers!

E14 – click here for episode player An off-the-cuff segment where Geo asks random questions to Adry. This time around we discuss strange sleeping arrangements, Geo being a savage when it comes to food, Adry shares a lot of bathroom habits, and more normal topics like best beaches. For reference, this is what a Balut is – I know. Best beach locations for each of … Continue reading Geo is a Savage. And other Answers!

Send Noodz

E7 – click here for episode player Caution: Don’t listen to this episode on an empty stomach! An informative episode where the Wanderers talk about their favorite noodles dishes across Asia. Since they aren’t good at English, let alone another language, here are the links to the places and dishes mentioned on the episode: 1. Tsukemen Ramen at Rokurinsha in Tokyo 2. Taiwanese Beef Noodles at Fuhong … Continue reading Send Noodz