Burn them all! – Malaysia Pt. 2

E5ย – click here for episode player We’re in the jungle babyyy Did Adry overcome her ant vendetta? Did Geo get a rash from bamboo? Who started the forest fire? All great questions to be answered in part 2 of the Borneo jungle adventure. Millipede not Centipede: https://goo.gl/8cVD4R Let us know what you though of today’s episode below         Continue reading Burn them all! – Malaysia Pt. 2

Into the Jungle – Malaysia pt 1

E4ย – click her for episode player Hiya! In this episode we are talking about our wild experience and our time working in a secluded jungle camp in Borneo. Hear about Adry’s ant vendetta, Geo’s leech problem, and the RATS! It. Was. Awesome! We got caught up in sharing our jungle stories so we are splitting this episode in two so you can get a real … Continue reading Into the Jungle – Malaysia pt 1